In this article, I will show you how to encrypt your sensitive data in your flutter application, and most importantly how to check it on both iOS and Android platforms.

I took Flutter technology as example, but Android and iOS native developers may be interested too, as we will dissect…

I will explain you in details how we can (and cannot) use Curves in Flutter, through a little application I made. But before dive into Curves, let refresh our mind with the main components involved in animations.

Very short reminder

In Flutter, we create our custom animation using 3 kind of objects: Animatables…

In a lot of Flutter source codes and applications, I observed a recurring practice consisting in adding custom style directly through widget parameters, leading to an inconsistent design and extra maintenance. …

I recently discovered that you can make shortcuts in Flutter. First, I thought this feature will be used for desktop and web Flutter applications.

Is It really the case ? Let’s see four usages that will enhance your productivity and the reliability of your (mobile) applications :

  • Enable / Disable…

Few days ago, I read an article talking about best tools for developing a Flutter application in 2021 (January), and Adobe XD to Flutter plugin was one of them.

As I use Adobe XD for designing every application I made, I can define myself as a fan of both Flutter…

Recently, I read an article talking about the Neumorphism, a “minimal way to design with a soft, extruded plastic look”. Some of UI Designers comment this design as good aesthetic, but doomed to disappear since there is not enough contrast to identify quickly components, especially for impaired people.

On contrary…

Designing an application may be a real struggle when you have to made it to smartphones, tablets and web. Commonly, you may define general layout by retrieving the device screen size through the MediaQueryData instance.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
final screenWidth = MediaQuery.of(context).size.width;
if (screenWidth < 600.0) {…

On November 2020 was released two gaming consoles, starting a war between Xbox fans and Playstation one. On both side, they compared technical points about their favorite gaming console.

In Flutter SDK, there is no widget that mimics the iOS UITableView component (yet ?), with a floating section, as shown below.

A long time ago (a couple of weeks ago in fact), in a galaxy far far away (well, not from us, because we talked about our Milky Way)… a developer wanted to reproduce a design found on… In Flutter of course :D

Well, in that article I will show…

David Gonzalez

Hi, I’m David, a french mobile applications developer. As a freelance, I work on Android and iOS applications since 2010. I also work on Flutter now !

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